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The focus of a good business wellness program is holistic, bolstering not only the physical health of it’s recipients: eating, sleeping, hydration and fitness, but also less tangible elements which also have concrete and cumulative effects on the overall foundation of the organization. Here are some additional features to consider as part of a holistic approach to wellness:

Emotional Balance: Call it optimism, positivity, happiness, brightness, cheeriness or joy but choosing your attitude and behaviors is one of the most important aspects of a wellness program. Numerous studies have shown that optimistic people tend to live longer, recover more quickly from adversity and challenges and be more resilient than negative worrywarts and naysayers. How does that translate to the workplace? By having fun!! While not all people issues will be fun, choosing your attitude on how you start the day, conduct meetings and interact with others is the first step to a successful wellness program. People will be more creative, upbeat and able to produce outstanding results when an atmosphere of positivity is present!

How can we achieve this? Simple. By loving them. Begin each day in the awareness that the universe is cold and dark and it’s through our relationships that we have any warmth or life at all. Realize that each person could potentially be the only life between you and the distant stars and really enjoy them for who they are. The rest will just come naturally as your heart expresses itself and the results will be dramatic.

Mental Awareness: Have you ever seen those Einstein learning toys? What about Luminosity for adults? While the everyday challenges of work do require us to use our brains, thinking outside of those daily tasks can actually increase mental awareness. Everyone can’t be a Mensa candidate, but challenging the brain is an integral part of any wellness program. Does this mean you should bring out the trivia game at every lunch break? If it works, why not? Consider personalizing brain teasers, whether it be trivia, a “did you know” question, quotable quotes or maybe even a puzzle sent in an email or posted on your company intranet. Tie it in to the specific people involved if possible. Sharpening your mental crayons will help with productivity and creativity!

Always look out for ways in which team members can use their creative skills and intellect to approach problems, challenges or opportunities in their own way. It builds confidence and loyalty in the employee, makes them feel respected and can eventually lead toward an operation with either fewer top-side responsibilities or more candidates for promotion.

Financial Stability: Even with a physically fit, happy, and smart team, stress about personal finances can consume their time, energy and attention. Although you may not have the money to make everyone a millionaire (unless you all win the lottery), adding personal finance classes and/or consultation as part of your wellness program can pay off over the long term. How? Team members tend to be more loyal and committed to you and the organization if there’s been interest shown in their personal prosperity. Sample topics of a financial class could include how to manage a personal budget, save for retirement and pay down individual debt. Not an expert in personal finance? There are financial advisors, credit unions, banks and online sources that can assist your team in becoming more financial savvy. A word of caution, make sure that the presenter understands that this is not a sales call, but should be educational in nature. And of course, any sessions should be voluntary for the team.

Want your company to be well and prosper? Review your current wellness program or contact Hamilton Resources to help design a customized wellness program for your business.


Our goal is for every company to have a healthy, happy, smart and fiscally sound team!

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