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We will work with you to find the best person who will become an asset for your company. By putting together interview questions that will identify not only knowledge, skills and abilities we will also discover whether the candidate matches your mission, vision, values and culture.

We can also discuss best practices for recruiting, including placing ads, managing applications and your talent acquisition brand.


The first impressions of your company, their manager and the rest of the team often lead to the successful retention of a new employee. We will customize and build an orientation for the employee and their job to help him or her understand their role, expectations and desired outcome.


Onboarding is a program designed for the employee’s first year. This program expands on the orientation to explain and expand on their role and expectations, and how they are vital to the company’s future success.

Employee Development

Either coinciding with onboarding or for current employees, employee development looks at the employee, their job duties and expectations, and then creates a individualized plan for their success and future growth.

Transitioning Out

Sometimes an employee is not in the right position, or even at the right company for their skills and abilities. Discover possible solutions for  transitioning the employee from their current role or from your business.


What can I expect from my initial consultation?

The initial consultation will be a basic review of your resume and may include suggestions that you can fix on your own. We will also talk about the types of jobs that you are looking for, what your unique advantage may be and how to communicate that through a resume or interview training.

Why is it so important to hire the right people?

It’s so important to hire the right people because not only do they represent your brand, they also can make (or break) productivity. Want to learn more? Email us for a no-cost consultation to learn how investing in your hiring process can yield long term results!

What type of questions do you recommend for interviews?

We recommend behavioral-based questions to help hiring managers evaluate how an applicant approached and resolved various challenges in their past work or school history. These questions allow the applicant to show how their past behaviors can be applied to future performance.

Do you offer recruiting assistance?

Recruiting, as you may already know, is an involved process which can be pricey to fully outsource.

What we usually do to as part of a client’s talent acquisition process is to help you develop questions to evaluate not only the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities, but also to assess whether the candidate will match your company’s mission, vision, values and culture.

We can consult with you about best practices for recruiting, including placing ads, managing applications and your talent acquisition brand.

What if I need payroll or benefits for my business?

While we don’t include these as services we offer, we can connect you with qualified organizations who do, while also offering insights as to how to optimize those relationships.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Maya Angelou