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“One Band. One Sound.” For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Drumline, that was the motto of the marching band around which the movie revolved. How can that motto affect your team and business? Its message was simple, yet profound.

Visualize teamwork as a marching band where everyone is in sync with each other: the production or service is in harmony and the entire team – from sales to administration, production to customer service – is working toward the same goal. Small individual mistakes are inaudible and invisible within a web of overall continuity. In contrast, when the members of a marching band are not unified in purpose and vision, each small misstep or missed note compounds an overall messy, awkward presentation.

Although the results are less colorful, it works same way in any organization. Sales, administration, production, customer service, etc, all working in synchronicity toward a unified goal.

How can you have “One Band. One Sound” in your workplace? Apply the principles of successful marching bands to your business.

  • Listen to each other: The harmony won’t be there in a band or choir if the team members aren’t listening to what the others are saying. Remember the scene in Sister Act where Whoopi Goldberg first listened to the nuns sing? As she stated, you have to listen to each other to produce the best sound. And yes, this should be active listening.
  • Watch each other: For those razzle dazzle step moves, how silly would it look if each was doing their own thing? The best marcher in the world will look like an awkward solo act if not in step with the other teammates. Likewise, your managers and employees collaborating with each other will complete their deliverables and reach goals with maximum productivity.
  • Bring on the drum major! Imagine what would happen if someone wasn’t coordinating the band’s efforts? Whether it’s you as the business owner or a supervisor/manager, someone still has to lead the team to produce the best results and help prioritize individual effort to lead them to reaching the goals of the company.
  • Bring in an outside consultant. Sometimes even the best band may need a “troubleshooter” like a human resources professional who can assist with selecting the right members, make sure that each member is in the right place and focus on healthy, happy harmony within the team!


Regardless of the size of your business, in order to succeed in your vision, mission, values the company culture will be even more successful with the “One Band. One Sound” theory!

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