Resume & Interviewing Training

Resume Revisions

We believe that your resume should reflect your successes, your accomplishments and your unique personality. In writing your career history, our goal is to highlight not only your skills and knowledge but also the why and how of your journey; to acknowledge your mission, vision and values. We want you to be confident that your resume reveals the true “you” and goes beyond the technical details of key words and demonstrates why you are, without a doubt, the best person for the job.

Interview Training

Being able to tell your story in a clear, confident and succinct manner during an interview will showcase your abilities and talents and the difference you can make for that organization. We want you to not only be prepared for behavioral based questions, but to also be able to share the why and how of your accomplishments. With coaching on body language, communication and your personal brand, you’ll be able to showcase why they shouldn’t select anyone else but you!


What can I expect from my initial consultation?

The initial consultation will be a basic review of your resume and may include suggestions that you can fix on your own. We will also talk about the types of jobs that you are looking for, what your unique advantage may be and how to communicate that through a resume or interview training.

Do you offer interview prep training if I’m applying for a promotion?

Yes! Our interview training can be customized for not only applying for a new job, but also if that new job is within your existing company. The steps are similar but we add more in-depth discussion about your current job impact and how to communicate your unique competitive advantage.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 

Christopher Robin to Pooh, AA Milne