You’re Gonna Get Sued!

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Those are some of the words behind familiar scare tactics that Human Resources (HR) has used to convince managers and business owners that they must blindly obey HR advice.  With that type of communication, it’s no wonder when I tell people that I do HR for a living that they either look like they want to turn and run, or punch me, or both! It’s a reputation that unfortunately, at many times, has been well deserved. And unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of using those same tactics to shock managers into doing what is “legal” instead of offering suggestions and alternatives of how to do the right thing. While I can’t go back and fix what’s happened in the past, what can be done is to look for ways to keep it from happening in the future. And now is definitely the time for progressive change. Even the Harvard Business Review recently weighed in with an article titled “Why we love to hate HR” which does an excellent job on expounding on what historically has gone wrong, why it went wrong, and what can be done to make amends.

So if you are hesitant to bring an HR consultant in, I get it! I’d be reluctant too based on some of the methods that HR has traditionally employed. But many HR professionals are “not your father’s personnel manager” and truly empower employers, and employees, to work through both common and uncommon challenges. What can an HR person bring to your business? Someone who:

  • Cares about your business, and your employees. Surprisingly this is not mutually exclusive!
  • Can work with your employees, and allow you the time and energy to run your business.
  • Provides an outsider or “third party” perspective.
  • Can offer already tested solutions. Many HR folks have seen some challenges similar to yours and can provide creative solutions that they have seen work before.
  • Will collaborate with you to define your company culture and sell it not only to your existing employees, but future new employees as well.
  • Can offer ideas to increase both your external and internal customer service.

If you’re still not sure what HR can do for you, and you’re willing to give it a chance, contact Hamilton Resources for a no-cost consultation to see what HR can do for you!

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